Blair Castle
Blair Castle

bridgeI enjoyed the tour so much. You did a great job and tried to please everyone. I especially loved BOMAINS. Those were the most comfortable beds in all of Scotland. Bunty and Martin made me feel like I was part of the family. Breakfast was served so nicely on fine china and crystal. I especially enjoyed the Falkirk Wheel and seeing the Queensferry bridge. Everything we saw was great-castles, ruins, St. Andrews,and of course shopping. The food was good. I liked the 4 Marys and their fish and chips. Thank you again so much,
Carol Kluge

The trip was a delight!  Jeff Robertson is an excellent tour guide.  Born and raised in Scotland, he is knowledgeable, accommodating, funny, charming and patient – and a fearless driver on the crazy, narrow, winding Scottish back roads.  The small number of people in the group made it possible to get to know fellow participants and to be extremely flexible with the itinerary.

I loved the diversity of the accommodations – from the pastoral Bo’Mains Guest House with horses in the pasture, to the seaside Hotel Nairn by the shores of Morey Forth, to the plush Victorian Atholl Palace Hotel, to the ancient and rustic King’s Hotel in Glencoe, in the heart of Highland hiking country.

The castles (Linlithgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Glamis Urquhart, Eilean Donan) were from different eras, each with a fascinating history.  The city of St. Andrews (birthplace of golf, home to St. Andrews University and St. Andrews Cathedral) was awe-inspiring and humbling.

But the highlight of the trip for me was the Highlands (Loch Ness, Loch Lomond, Urquhart Castle, Eilean Donan Castle).  The Highlands were beautiful, haunting, wild, mysterious, forbidding and inviting at the same time – like nothing I had ever experienced.  The Highlands epitomized for me the heart and soul of ancient Scotland and the Clan system.

I can’t say enough good things about this trip and Jeff Robertson, the tour leader.  We enjoyed this trip so much that we are planning another tour with Jeff in the future – this time to the Scottish Isles.
Sandra Haynes, Cumming, GA

Jeff really did his research in both attractions and high end accommodations. He has developed a great tour for whisky enthusiasts and is amendable to tweaking the tour to your liking. Jeff inquired if there was any specific region or distillery we were interested. Our group was unanimous, in that we liked the peaty, smoky whiskies, so we spent more time at the Islay distilleries than any other region.

The tour is very encompassing. We visited 5 whiskey regions plus a Masterclass at the exclusive Scotch Malt Whiskey Society, a visit to a cooperage and a couple of castles to boot. The trip includes tours of multiple distilleries and we learned something new at each distillery.  Jeff did a great job of choosing ones that offered something a little different than the other distilleries. For example one distillery let you sample the whisky directly from the cask using a “whisky thief” and another malted its own barley.  Having a small tour group, I find you get more personalized attention from the distillery guides.

dinner in ScotlandThe only potential limitation is, you are traveling a great deal and living out of a suitcase, a new hotel/inn almost every night. Again, all wonderful accommodations.  My husband and I really enjoyed it as we saw so much of the beautiful Scottish landscape while traveling from one whisky region to another.

There was also a significant amount of non-whisky events such as attending the Highland games, visiting castles and steam train ride and museum that added a nice balance between whisky and sightseeing.

Overall this was the best escorted tour we have taken. We could taste without worrying about the driving. We met and got to know some friendly easy-going whisky aficionados to boot. We tasted many single malts that you cannot get in the US, it was a real treat.
Amy and Dana Litman

The trip you took us on this summer was just incredible!!! The places we went, saw, experienced, learned about and reveled in were not to be forgotten. The B&B’s  we stayed in couldn’t have been nicer, or more hospitable. We learned more history that we expected, ate regional food which was expected, laughed abundantly, and made memories which we are still living through. We were treated like real people, not numbers. You had a well planned array of places and things to see. You were open to listen to and show us things and places we were interested in. The smaller size of the group made for more pleasant camaraderie. Seeing the Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle was a true highlighted climax of the trip. When I was asked what was the best experience of the trip, I had to stop and think for a time.  The answer was just ”YES”. It was ALL the best and you did an outstanding job.
John and Julie Piontkowski

In regards to the Scotland tour hosted by Jeff Robertson, we found it to be fun and full of adventure. Each and every morning was filled with excited anticipation of the new experience we were going to encounter that day. Also, the camaraderie with the other people on the tour was great and because it was a small group there were no complications with rooms, dinning or travel accommodations. The sites were amazing, each night’s stay exceeded expectation, dining was the best of culinary experiences and Jeffs hospitality was highly commendable. Thanks Jeff for a wonderful tour.
Bill & Cindy Campbell